Welcome to St. Martin’s Academy

of Historical European Martial Arts

St. Martins Academy is a research and learning organization devoted to learning Medieval and Renaissance European martial arts using martially sound methods drawn directly from primary sources and in the context of the culture that created them.

Our primary curriculum is based on Fiore dei Liberi’s Flower of Battle (1409) and George Silver’s Paradoxes of Defense (1599). Our approach is to assume that these masters were all teaching the same ancient and comprehensive Martial Arts System used to preserve one’s life, and in order to properly teach and understand the system it must be taught along with the context of ancient and Medieval academics, physics and cosmology.

The primary instructor is Bob Charron, who has spent well over a decade developing, researching, translating and teaching the system in the U.S., Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Western Europe.

St. Martin’s Academy teaches and demonstrates this ancient European martial art, as well as Medieval academics, cosmology and culture to universities, preparatory schools, martial arts academies, historical reenactment groups and the public at large.